Weekly Challenge for Aug 6th - 13th

It’s a Barbie Challenge! 

Do you want to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card?

*This link will take you to the free page on the Mattel website. This challenge is not sponsored by Mattel / Barbie or associated with them in any way.

This week you can use any Barbie or Barbie inspired pages. If you own any Barbie books or books that resemble Barbie, you can use any page you’d like. Don’t own any Barbie books? Mattel has many free pages available on their website: https://kids.mattel.com/barbie

Start Date: Sunday, Aug 6th, 2023
End Date: Sunday, Aug 13th, 2023


  1. Color any Barbie or Barbie inspired page USING AT LEAST 3 SHADES OF PINK. 
  2. Go to the Adult Coloring Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/AdultColoring) and MESSAGE us your finished page. 
  3. Include the artist & book of the page (especially if it wasn’t from the Mattel website) and name the 3 shades of pink used.
  4. Message us your finished page by 5 pm EDT on Sunday Aug 13th!
Only one entry per person and members cannot win two weeks in a row.

Winning Entries

THREE winners will be announced on WED 8/16 at 8pm EDT. TWO will be selected randomly and one will be selected for having the most “likes.” Each of these winners will be given a $10 Amazon gift card! 

*Please note that by submitting an entry, you are allowing us to post your colored page on our website(s), social media accounts, product pages, and newsletters.WED

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