Review: Feelin' Cute - Adult Coloring Book

Feelin’ Cute is our newest coloring book that we commissioned from Victoria Andreeva, a graphic designer living in Moscow. We love her cheerful and feminine characters. This greyscale coloring book has 34 unique illustrations of a young girl’s escapades through life. From building a snowman with her dog, doing yoga with her kitty, swinging in the stars, and riding a unicorn, these pages bring charm and imagination to each manga-like scene.

Tracey Rawlinson, a member of the Adult Coloring Facebook Group, colored these two images. She printed these pages on a cream 200 GSM paper.  Both are colored with copic ciao pens. She also used a touch of black widow pencil on the cat picture and Faber Castell pastel on the spider picture.

Tracy has been coloring for about 12 months but has more recently (in the past 6-8 months) become more interested in trying out different mediums and techniques. She prefers grayscale to line art, so it’s no wonder she enjoyed these pages.  She added, “I did struggle initially until I thought manga style then it just clicked into place. The shading was awesome and really gave character to the pictures. Once I got my head round the style I did enjoy them, they are so deliciously cute and humorous.”

 Adult Coloring Facebook Group member, Brenda Mesta  colored these two images with Quick Craft alcohol markers,  and Crayola colored pencils. Although Brenda has always enjoyed coloring, she has only been coloring regularly for the past three months. She said “I didn’t use any particular range of colors, I just colored in the color that I felt best suited each area of the drawing. I must mention that it is easy to know which are the most appropriate areas to shade darker, since the author of that drawing shaded those areas a bit.”

Brenda also added, “The technique I used with the alcohol markers is to quickly blend one color over another before the ink dries. To create some texture in the blue color area, I used a blender, this way I created spots that give texture to the image. I really enjoyed coloring the pages of this book, since its images are very beautiful, and they are simple but at the same time they have shadow details that help you locate and learn where they should go, if you are not an expert. It is a book that is very much enjoyed whether you are a coloring expert or not.” 

Cynthia Di Marco, a member of the Adult Coloring Facebook Group, colored these two images using Ohuhu alcohol markers, Sakura Gelly Roll pens and Sakura fineliners. She said, “I put down light colors first and moved my way to darker shades as I layered and blended my colors. I’ve been coloring for a long time, but not nearly as often as I would like due to lack of time. I consider myself an intermediate colorist.” Cynthia found said it was a pleasure to color these pages but remarked that she should have used marker paper instead of printing on the 20lb copy paper that she did use.

* Colorists who participated in this review were given free pages in exchange for their honest opinion and may have received a nominal token for their completed colored pages. This book is a product of

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