Review: Colors of Daydreams by Nikolett Delafraye

Nikolett Delafraye is an artist from Budapest, Hungary who has published a series of three coloring books: Colors of Daydreams, Colors of Autumn and Colors of Christmas.

This week, we review Colors of Daydreams. Facebook Adult Coloring Group member, Linda Woltil Allison, said it best when she said – “This book is described as “a universe full of dreamy places.” And that’s true! These pictures whirl you to the sky, dive you deep into the ocean, and show you everywhere inbetween. There is a snail who also serves as a townhouse. There is a girl who can hold 8 kites in the air. Balloons and butterflies carry us away. Gardens and waterfalls surround us. Here, you meet the creatures that live with us in this world, and creatures that live with us only in our mind. Those we can only imagine! 

No matter the favorite subject matter you enjoy coloring, you’ll find something related to it here. Any color palette can be used on any picture. If you’re a child or an adult, you will find something you will love to color. “

This coloring book includes 40 whimsical  illustrations printed on high-quality paper.  Although the paper is thicker than your usual Amazon-style book, you’ll still want to put a divider down to avoid bleed through if you’re using markers. The paper is bright white and makes the perfect substrate for coloring, especially with Prismacolor pencils.

Facebooks Adult Coloring Group member, Shelley Frey Fair, who has been coloring since COVID started in 2020, used Prismacolor pencils, Copic markers, Caliart markers, and Posca markers to color the pictures above. She likes to lay down the marker first, and then  add Prismacolor pencils for dimension and detail. Shelley highly recommends this book and said, “I love these illustrations! I had so much fun coloring them. I enjoyed creating a different mood for each page that I completed.”

Linda Woltil Allison used Prismacolor Premier pencils, CastleArts Soft Touch pencils, and Koh-I-Noor Woodless pencils; LePlumme II dual tip brush/fineliners; and Posca white pens on these two pages.  She started coloring in 2017 when a friend gave her a coloring book and prefers subject matters that have a lot of detail. 

Linda provides these helpful tips -“When I start coloring a page, I put every pencil I use in a cup. By the time the page is finished, I have a cup full of pencils and pens. If I need to use one again, it’s easier to find (usually) than if I put them in their binders. I always use sharp tips. As soon as they begin to dull, I sharpen them to a point. I use my eraser as a coloring tool. It helps to blend colors, and lighten them sometimes. And when I buy new pencils, I get at least 4 colorless blenders. I use them to brighten colors, to blend two or more colors to create another color entirely, or to smooth the colors on the paper.”

Where to buy?

You can buy this book as well as Nikolett’s other books on her Etsy page.

Download Sample Page!

Nikolette has been generous enough to share this page to download to our members and visitors free of charge!!

About the Artist: Nikolett Delafraye

Daughter of a writer and crafter, wife of one of the best French photographers, and mother of a beautiful angel. Since early childhood, pencils have been my favorite things and while other children carried stuffed animals, I carried pens and paper everywhere. I have been studying and practicing fine art from my early school and went to fine art high school in Budapest where I learned as well ceramic. 

I have illustrated tales and fables I heard since early childhood for my own pleasure. 

When I became a mother my daughter’s requests to draw for her, sparked the idea to make coloring books. With the help of my husband, we currently have published a series of three coloring books: Colors of Daydreams, Colors of Autumn and Colors of Christmas. 

Currently, I am illustrating a series of children’s books of instructional fables, the first one should come out in December 2022. 

My Imagination and dreams are endless and putting them on paper are very satisfying. Seeing my illustrations colored by others is a unique feeling. It is a combination of creativity: my illustration and someone else’s creative color palette that brings the page alive. Seeing those finished colored pages brings me joy because it tells me that i could through my illustration bring pleasure, relaxation, and a feeling of accomplishment to another’s life. 

This is what we need in these chaotic times. What a great way to do that with art, inspiration and creativity by bringing new realms without war and insanity into every home with my illustrations.

Nikolett Delafraye


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