Review: Cemetery Picnic: A Coloring Book of Haunting Art by Shaun Kama

This is the debut coloring book from tattoo artist and illustrator Shaun Kama. His illustrations are inspired by the likes of Tim Burton, Edward Gorey, and Lon Chaney and it shows! I absolutely love these illustrations – they are cute, creepy and totally original. This book features 30 works of line art to color in. The designs are easy to color for beginners and have a lot of space for more experienced colorists to get imaginative and create their own backgrounds. This book is printed on standard Amazon stock paper so If you are finicky about the paper you color on, you might want to scan it in and print on your own paper. Otherwise, the pages are single sided so you don’t have to worry about markers bleeding through and ruining the other side of the page.

Facebook Adult Coloring Group member Cris LeAnne used Ohuhu Alcohol markers, Shuttle Art pencils, Amazon basics color pencils,  Mr. Pen gel crayons, and chalk pastels to color these pages.  She also loves this coloring book and says “it’s the perfect price, pictures are not intimidating and you can get your “creepy cute coloring fix”, taking that little time out for yourself that you deserve!”

Shaun Kama Cemetery Picnic - owl

Facebook Adult Coloring Group member Kala Judy used neo watercolor crayons and markers for this one.  She agrees that It’s a really fun book and said “I love the pictures in it, just wish the paper was better quality.  I would totally buy any other works from this artist!”

Check out the video below for a flip-through of this book from Ann Hatfield. She does a great job showing each page and describing the book in more detail.

Where to Buy?

You can buy Shaun Kama’s Cemetery Picnic on

Download a sample page from our site.

Keep an eye out for a new book from Shaun due out in November!

About the Artist

Shaun Kama was born in Heidelberg, Germany to two parents that served during the Vietnam War. After moving to Albany, NY in his youth, Shaun’s family spent summers in Great Barrington, MA, where his passion for painting began while studying the works of Norman Rockwell at his original gallery. He later moved to Southern California, attending high school in Huntington Beach, where he was commissioned by friends and students for his talents at logo and skateboard design. At age 16, Shaun started playing in his first band, beginning a lifelong love of music and performing. After finishing school, Shaun moved to Los Angeles in the wake of the glam scene, and joined Hello Disaster, an up‐and-coming punk band. With his musical career launched, Shaun set off on a new adventure, beginning his apprenticeship with the World Famous Mark Mahoney at the Original Shamrock Studios on 3rd St. in Los Angeles. His journey into the arts had just begun. See his full bio here:

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