Weekly Challenge for August 27th - September 3rd, 2023

It’s a Crayola Challenge! Do you want to win a $10 Amazon gift card?

*This link will take you to this free page on the Crayola website. This challenge is not sponsored by Crayola or associated with them in any way.

This week you can use a page from ANY book as long as you use Crayola pencils, markers or crayons. Don’t own any of their pencils, markers or crayons? Then you must use one of their free pages from their website. See all rules below. 

Start Date: Sunday, August 27th, 2023
End Date: Sunday, Sept 3rd,  2023

Three winners will be announced on Wednesday (9/6) at 8pm EDT. Two will be selected randomly and one will be selected for having the most “likes.” All of these winners will be given a $10 Amazon gift card. 


1. You MUST use either Crayola pencils, markers or crayons OR a free page from the Crayola website. (or both). You MUST include a photo of your pencils, markers or crayons that you used or if you use their free page, include their © at the bottom of the page to prove it’s Crayola.
2. You MUST incorporate a GREEN, YELLOW, ORANGE & BLUE into your coloring.
3. You MUST post it to the Adult Coloring Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/AdultColoring) ANY TIME ON Sunday 9/3 (American Eastern Time –if you are outside of the US, google it.) If you post before or after this date, it will NOT count!
4. You MUST list the name of the book and the artist. If you use the page above or any of the free pages off the Crayola website, you must include their © at the bottom of the page to prove it’s Crayola.
5. Finally, you MUST include the hashtag #AdultColoringChallenge.
Only one entry per person and members cannot win two weeks in a row.
*Please note that by submitting an entry, you are allowing us to post your colored page on our website(s), social media accounts, product pages, and newsletters.

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