Review: Seasonal Scenes Hand Painted Colouring Book Digital Download by Teresa Goodridge

You’re probably familiar with Teresa Goodridge. She’s been illustrating for most of her life and has a ton of coloring books published through Creative Haven. What you might not know is that she has her own website and an Etsy store where she sells her own designs as digital downloads. 

If you’re not familiar with Teresa’s work, she illustrates a wide array of subjects (country scenes, floral and garden designs, indoor decor, animals, and more!) all with a unique painterly style. 

I love her books and find them so relaxing to color! They have lots of little detail but aren’t overwhelming for a novice colorist. 

Teresa Goodridge
Teresa Goodridge
Teresa Goodridge

Adult Coloring Group Member Shelley Frey Fair, who has been coloring since COVID started in 2020, used Copic markers, Caliart markers, and Prismacolor pencils to color the pictures above.  Shelley finds that water scenes are always challenging, particularly waves, but she has done ocean scenes before, so she knew how to handle it! She said, “I wanted to make a realistic looking wave so I first used the blue Copic and Caliart markers and then pencils on top to give dimension and detail. Then I added a white gel pen to make the foam for the waves. I layered different colored Prismas for the water to give it a natural look. I loved the tropical feel of this page!”  She added, “I love doing her illustrations with grass and animals, so the scene with the dog was very enjoyable. The challenge in this scene was to make sure the lights gave the page a dusk or early evening mood.”

Teresa Goodridge

Anna Ambrosio, also from the Adult Coloring Group on Facebook, colored the above pictures using mainly Prisma Premier pencils with some Ohuhu alcohol markers, a black glitter gel pen and a white Posca pen on Vellum Bristol Cardstock, white, 67 lbs. She’s been coloring for over 2 years and while she doesn’t consider herself a beginner, she feels she is also not an expert and still have lots to explore and learn.

Anna’s very first coloring book was Home Sweet Home by Teresa Goodridge. She says, “I fell in love with her illustrations and now have all her books!”

For the above pictures, Anna used pencil over marker for large areas, pencil eraser to create highlights and white posca to create texture on some flowers. She said, “At first this drawing felt overwhelming with so many different flowers, but doing one type at a time helped a lot, and before I knew it, I was having so much fun! As with most of Teresa’s pictures, once it’s colored, I felt as if I was right there, in this case enjoying the peace of a gorgeous garden!”

Teresa Goodridge
Teresa Goodridge

Facebook Adult Coloring Group Member, Dawn Stephens, who colored the above pictures, says, “Teresa Goodridge never disappoints with her artwork. It takes you to a magical place where your imagination can run wild. I love her attention to detail. I used Prismacolor Premier, Faber-Castell Goldfaber, and Arteza Metallic colored pencils, Caliart brush tip markers, and Crayola Signature crayons. Pages were printed on standard copy paper.”

Teresa Goodridge

This is my current WIP. I, like Shelley, took up coloring in 2020 during COVID. I try to color as often as I can but I feel like I still have a lot to learn. I am very intimidated by snow scenes and usually stay away from them but when Teresa sent me these pages to review, I decided to take this opportunity to challenge myself with this page. I looked up some youtube videos and found one from T’s World Of Adult Coloring (see video below) where she does a similar snow scene from a different Teresa Goodridge book. I am using her technique of adding light blue for shading and using white posca to cover the black lines. I can’t wait to add glitter to make it shimmer like in the video. I am using Prismacolor Premier pencils on 35lb premium laser paper. I’ve just started this one but I’m already having fun and can’t wait to see how it ends up!

Where to buy?

You can buy this set as well as many other fantastic sets on Teresa’s website and her Etsy page.

Download Sample Pages!

Teresa has been generous enough to share these 2 pages to download to our members and visitors free of charge!!

About the Artist: Teresa Goodridge

Teresa Goodridge

“I have worked my whole life doing artwork concepting and now work freelance from my home studio in Yorkshire England, I’ve had the good fortune of working with many great companies over the years while being freelance.

I adore kids, animals and illustrating children’s books, games, cards, colouring books and toys. Character development is my specialty and I have designed countless paper-based products for a variety of world-wide companies.

Life is a journey and I’m blessed to share mine with wonderful family and friends, so cheers to what ever the future brings.”

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