Review - Bella and the Queen's Ponies Colouring Book by Cherise Arthur

Cherise Arthur is a writer from Oregon who has had a lifelong passion for coloring. When a friend suggested she turn her children’s book “Bella and the Queen’s Ponies” into a coloring book, she eagerly embraced the idea. 

She removed the text of the story she had written and left blank pages between the beautiful illustrations, so that children can use their own imaginations to create a story about Bella and her magical adventure in the Wistman’s Woods.

Despite being designed for children, the pages of this book are intricately detailed and visually stunning, making it an enjoyable activity for adults and older children as well.

Check out some colored pages by our reviewers below!

Linda Woltil Allison did these three pages above left with a blend of  Prismacolor Premier, CastleArt,  Koh-I-Noor & Phoenix colored pencils; LePlumme dual point brush/fineliners; Staedtler fineliners.  Like the rest of our reviewers, Linda really enjoyed this book and said, “You can color fantasy or reality… This is one of those rare coloring books where it is  fun to color every page!”

This progression by Ilona Szajnicka is a perfect example to show the level of intricate detailing and vivid coloring that can be incorporated into these pages. She changed the background a bit and added some of her own details, making this page even more unique and beautiful.

These pages were colored by Cher Reneé, with multiple colored pencils, distress oxide ink, and a touch of Posca markers. Cher described this book as “a beautiful story book of a family outing. While walking through all of the trees, Bella discovers a secret place in the forest where she discovers a queen and her beautiful horses… later Bella is reunited with her parents.”

Randi Jameson, who colored the pages above, said, “I really liked that it didn’t have weird heavy lines everywhere. Easy to color. I found myself writing the story as I colored.”  She used markers for a base and layered Prismacolor pencils on top. Also, she had an oops moment, like we all do while coloring and discovered Dr.Martin Bleed proof white which she now highly recommends, lol!

Bella and the Queen's Ponies Colouring Book by Cherise Arthur

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Download Sample Page!

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