Review: Alice in Wonderland by Julia Spiri

If you’re a fan of Alice in Wonderland, then you’ll love this coloring book by Julia Spiri! This beautifully illustrated book takes you on a journey through the whimsical world of Lewis Carroll’s classic story. From the White Rabbit to the Cheshire Cat, there are 25 dreamy images to keep you coloring for weeks!

Julia Spiri is an artist from Spain who has illustrated several coloring books. Her unique style is feminine and enchanting. I absolutely love this Alice in Wonderland book and had a tough time choosing a page to start with.

Although this is available on Amazon as a physical book, I have the digital version from Julia’s website. I printed this out on Staples premium cardstock and used Prismacolor Premier pencils and Ohuhu markers. I laid down the markers first mostly in the large areas like the ground, water and sky, and then I added pencil. The greyscale nature of these images made it very forgiving for any mistakes I made and helped tremendously for shading. After, I finished coloring, I digitally altered the sky to make it look more cloudy. It’s been a busy week, but I can’t wait to start another page!

Due to some recent issues with a her publisher (which has since been resolved), I’m not able to share blank pages of this book with you, but Julia has a great flip through video of this book to check out.

Where to buy?

You can buy this book as well as Julia’s other books on her website or Etsy storePlease note: this site does not currently have affiliate links and we currently do not make any money from our reviews.

For a limited time, colorists can buy single digital images for 50% off in Julia’s Etsy shop!

About the Artist: Julia Spiri

Freelance artist Julia Spiri works full-time as a painter in her studio based in Spain. Julia has painted portraits, caricatures, and illustrations for many years. She has also illustrated numerous coloring books and children’s story books. Julia is passionate about character design. She has created hundreds of unique characters from a fantasy world and draws them with a lot of love. Her artistic mission is to embellish the world and to bring optimism and happiness to people. Her cheerful, romantic works are painted with vibrant colors in the style of whimsical fantasy art.

Visit her website, Etsy store, and Youtube Channel.

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