Featured Artist: Randi Jameson

Randi Jameson has been an artist all her life, selling her first oil painting at the age of twelve and making more money than her dad that week!  “I created a career as an independent agent of many media for the next fifty years- Developing a ceramic hobby into a development studio and production factory with art classes.”  Randi’s Plaster Faire was well known for 37 years in southern California. While providing products delivered nationwide with three franchises, her written articles for trade magazines and annual trade shows brought her from hobbyist to nationwide artist. “I Didn’t have enough to keep me busy so I wrote a children’s book based on Magical and steampunk. Retired and bored, I got into coloring books which I hope to publish soon. An accident made me wheelchair bound so heaven gave me my new path to follow.” Randi is a member of the Adult Coloring Facebook group and spends a lot of her free time coloring.  “I use all media in coloring but primarily markers (sharpie ecoline, concept , spectrum noir), colored pencils (Prismacolor, Black Widow), and gel pens (Sakura moonlight). Generally, I reprint on smooth cardstock or various scrapbook papers. Personally I prefer drawings with not too many bold size lines, and quirky work that hasn’t been digitized too death. I want to see that personal touch like Johanna Basford or Kerby Rosanes or Tatiana Bogema. Click here to see her coloring work.

Randi generously provides a free page to our members and visitors. We will be using the page (to the right) for this week’s #AdultColoringChallenge. The winner will receive 4 more digital pages (see below) of Randi’s designs and a $10 Amazon gift card!

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